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All-in-one website Analytics with Heatmap, Live Chat, User Behavior Recording, and Feedback Collection

Who We Are

We are a passionate organization that lives and breathes on the edge of technology, always looking to innovate and add the latest features that can bring new value to our customers. We have created Busatools with the intent of providing simple yet powerful website analytics tools to entrepreneurs/designers/marketers that can help them utilize user insights for the betterment of their websites. Our long-term experience in website analytics has been put to use to create an intuitive tool that clicks for people with varying technical experience. 

Our Mission

We are a strong believer in the fact that a website can only succeed if it cares for its visitors. Currently, there are over 1 billion websites, but only a small percentage of those websites are liked by users. So, at Busatools, we are on a mission to make every website better by offering a cutting-edge platform that lets website owners/marketers/designers learn more about user behavior and improve their websites by providing better options to their visitors.

Busatools Mission

Our Values

Get You Started Quickly

Busatools has a simple plug-and-play integration process, which means you can start using our tool immediately, generate insights quickly, and start improving your website.

Safe and Secure with Complete Privacy

Committed to data protection laws, we ensure GDPR and US Privacy law compliance, ensuring user data is never at risk and your visitors always trust you.


Once you select Busatools, you don’t have to go anywhere else for website analytics. Access visitor metrics, user behavior recording and analysis, heatmaps, live chat, feedback collection, and more, all in one place.

Flexible Plans That Fit Your Budget

Buy the exact features that you want according to your budget, and add new functionalities when you want to maximize your understanding of your website visitors.

Join businesses worldwide trusting Busatools to excel online. Contact us today to learn more about our support for your digital goals.