Top 8 Free Website Heatmap Tools & Software in 2024

Top 8 Free Website Heatmap Tools & Software in 2024 - Blog 1

Sometimes, our instincts tell us one thing but the reality is completely different. As a result, when we follow those instincts blindly, our decisions fail to make the desired impact. But what if there is a better way to make decisions that backs our instincts with cold hard facts? Especially when it comes to website performance that directly correlates with your revenue, it is a wise decision to uncover all the facts before trusting our instincts. That’s why you need a heatmap tool that provides a clear picture of user engagement, tells about what your audience likes/or dislikes, and offers trustworthy data that you can rely upon with your eyes closed. 

What is a Heatmap Tool in Essence?

For the uninitiated, heatmap tools can track and display where users click, move their cursors, or spend the most time on a webpage. By revealing such vital information, these tools allow you to optimize your website for better overall user engagement. You can frequently reiterate and enhance your website based on the data received and maximize your chances of increasing revenue.

Nowadays, we have many heatmapping tools that promise great things. Let’s explore the top 8 free heatmap tools and learn about their USPs, so we can choose the best one based on our specific requirements. 

Top 8 Heatmap Tools that Can Help You Improve Your Website in 2024

Below is a list of the best heatmap software solutions available in the market:

  1. Busatools: One of the best up-and-coming heatmap tools with cutting-edge features, an intuitive interface, and all the latest options to reveal user interactions with your website in the best way. Different types of heatmap tools offered by Busatools are Scroll Maps, Click Maps, Geo Maps, and Device-Specific Heatmaps. 
  2. Inspectlet: Offers heatmap tools with dynamic heatmaps and eye-tracking heatmaps for in-depth user interaction analysis.
  3. Mouseflow: It is equipped with features such as click heatmaps and session replay with advanced filtering options that provide a detailed user journey analysis.
  4. Lucky Orange: It combines heatmaps with live chat and conversion funnels for real-time optimization and customer support.
  5. Ptengine: This tool offers heatmaps with customizable overlays and A/B testing capabilities for optimizing website performance.
  6. VWO (Visual Website Optimizer): Integrates heatmaps with split testing and visitor segmentation for data-driven website optimization.
  7. Hotjar: It has heatmaps along with session recordings and feedback polls for comprehensive user insights. Hotjar is considered one of the best tools in the heatmap category as it provides groundbreaking options to users.
  8. Crazy Egg: The Crazy Egg heatmap tool provides scroll maps and confetti maps in addition to traditional heatmaps for deeper analysis of user behavior.

Each of the tools mentioned above has its own strong and weak points. While many tools have been very good in the past, it is important to choose a tool that is doing very well at this moment and time. Considering this fact, Busatools is one of the top picks for clients in the year 2024.

 Final Thoughts

Nowadays, almost every business has made its way to the virtual online world. The number of companies has increased, but the audience has remained the same albeit with greater purchasing power than before. So, it is important to create a clear difference in your value proposition with your competitor. But it is impossible to do that by using only our instincts without proper information about what your intended audience likes or dislikes. 

To solve this problem, we have heatmaps provided by various companies like Busatools, Crazy Egg, Hotjar, and many more. To achieve the best results with heatmap tools, you should choose heatmap for website tools that are performing well in 2024. For instance, Busatools has recently become a favorite of entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and website developers looking to enhance the value of their websites.