Top Session Recording Tools for Website Behavior in 2024

Top Session Recording Tools for Website Behavior in 2024

In today’s world, elevating customer experience holds the highest importance in the digital world. To do that, you need to know what your customers are doing when they visit your website, what pages they stay on the most, what they browse for, or when they leave. This is where visitor recording software come into the picture.

Session recording tools like Busatools help determine your user behavior in many ways, including:

  • Checking how they scroll their mouse on different pages
  • Where they click and after how many pauses
  • What they browse through the most
  • Which pages they choose to fill their forms on
  • What prompts them to exit your website

The use of these best session replay tools not only helps you determine what your customers want but also lets you help them make well-informed decisions. 

The most popular tools you can look forward to in 2024 are:


Go for this visitor recording software if you seek one of the most advanced session recording technologies of the current times. This tool helps you capture all user interactions and keep track of all clicks, taps, scrolls, keystrokes, or any kind of mouse movement in real time. You can also play these recordings to understand how those users interacted with your website.

The purpose of recording sessions is usually not to interfere with one’s data security or confidentiality but only to understand their browsing patterns and determine the issues/friction points they may face while visiting the website.

Some of the top benefits of this innovative tool include:

  • It provides a clear understanding of user interaction patterns
  • It helps you identify the usability issues that you can subsequently corner and fix
  • Accessing heatmaps (that track user movements across the website)
  • It gives you access to data-driven insights that can further help you improve conversion rates
  • You can determine what exactly is working for your website and what isn’t
  • You can make changes to your website based on these aspects and test how user engagement improves after implementing the changes
  • Easy-to-use reporting and analytics


Hotjar is a great session recording tool you can choose for improving the user experience of your website which ultimately leads to more profits. This tool gives you access to session replay tools among other features that you can use to understand users’ journey across your website.

This tool further helps you track how the changes you subsequently made have affected your website’s performance. Some of the top features of Hotjar website session recording include:

  • Recording sessions and replaying them
  • Creating custom conversion funnels
  • Process surveys to help improve website performance
  • Testing environments to determine the effect of changes made


Are you wondering why your website is getting visitors but not enough conversions? Then you need to access an analysis report of what might just be keeping them away. Mouseflow is an effective website session recording tool that does just that, among several other things.

In terms of data, Mouseflow segregates everything for your easy use, by:

  • Sorting recordings of all event changes (customer visits and drops)
  • Tracking how long a user stayed on and preparing a report for the same
  • Segmenting all visitors in different heatmap categories
  • Filtering those recordings as per the user preferences and demography
  • Recording user feedback through forms and other tools


The best way to evaluate how your users perceive your website appearance is by looking at the screen the way they see it. SmartLook is the session replay software that can do just that for you. This efficient tool helps you see where your visitors spend most of their time, how they fill out the form, and what they click on while browsing your website.

The best features that SmartLook brings to your website are:

  • Advanced filtering aspects for making the best use of session recordings/replays
  • Automatic tracking of all events, data, and browsing trends
  • Custom tables to understand user behavior and identify suggested changes
  • Optimization of conversion data through funnels

Lucky Orange

User session recording tools aren’t just about understanding customers’ behavior. They also help you identify where your website lags, and how it can be made better. Lucky Orange helps you get reports about your website’s performance and how you can make it faster and more user-friendly.

If Lucky Orange is your choice, you can look for a range of features like:

  • Stack visitors’ profiles based on their browsing recordings
  • Get real-time alerts on all kinds of data for your website visitors
  • Access and maintain dynamic heatmaps for all visitors
  • Remove roadblocks by staying in control of all visits by identifying issues visitors may face
  • Create and customize numerous dashboards to generate different reports


Admit it, you just can’t track your visitors around the clock. For that, you need someone else who is just as good as you. FullStory visitor recording software has everything you could think of to perfectly fill that gap and keep you in control at all times. This tool enables you to track all kinds of data (in terms of quality and quantity) and identify what aspects can make your website better and more user-friendly.

The most popular features of this fantastic recording software include:

  • Recording indexing of user data and frustration signals that can be identified and isolated
  • Skip any kind of inactivity to speed up analysis and research
  • Keeps you in control through custom privacy control aspects
  • Access heatmaps and easily scroll through them
  • Filter all user data based on different sets of actions

Regardless of your choice, one thing is certain – your tool will definitely help you track your users’ browsing patterns and help you make customization/changes accordingly. Assess your need, the reason behind it, and how you want to see your website perform over the next one month, 6 months, a year, and so on. Breaking this down will indeed enable you to ultimately make the right choice.